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90 minutes


5 lessons


Driving test


Monday5pm onwards
Tuesday5pm onwards
Wednesday5pm onwards
Thursday5pm onwards
Friday5pm onwards
Saturday9am – 8pm
Sunday9am – 8pm
Standard hours

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How long is each lesson?

Standard lessons will last 90 minutes ( one and a half hours ) from pick up to drop off. Shorter lessons of 60 minutes ( one hour ) are also available.

How many lessons will I need?

Many people agree that learning to drive in an automatic car is easier than in a manual car since there are fewer controls to worry about.

But you still need to be confident and competent on the highway and have sufficient knowledge and experience to pass both the theory and the practical parts of the test.

Some people can become sufficiently trained to pass in 21 hours. Which is 14 lessons of 90 minutes. With one lesson a week that’s about 3 months.

What car will I be learning in?

You will learn to drive in a dual control automatic Audi.

Can I have a daytime weekday lesson?

During the week lessons are normally in the evening. Daytime lessons ( 9am to 5pm ) are also possible on request. Call Jason with your requirements.

Do I have to book a block of lessons?

No, but if you do you’re more likely to get the dates and times you want.

What payment methods are available?

Cash, cheque or direct bank transfer.

Will you help me to pass the written Theory test?

If you’ve not already passed it.

Do I need to wear a mask?

No. And nor do I.